April Fool! You didn’t really think I was giving up, did you?

Hillary Before Hades

In case you’re searching...

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Hillary Before Hades!
Howdy, Pragmatic Pardner,
My name is Robin Cravey,
and I’m a
Great Society Democrat
proud to support
Bernie for President!
But let’s face it, if the
Wall Street Wing of the Party
manages to bullshit their way to the nomination,
there will be only
one thing standing between us and annihilation.*
The Hillary Option.
Disappointing? Yes, but we Democrats have gotten used to disappointment.
That’s why I’m announcing the formation of a group to help
Bernie supporters make the move to Hillary if all else fails.

Some of my best friends are Hillarycrats...

* Annihilation, Jim, absolute, complete annihilation!

It’s called,
Settling for Hillary
The lesserest of pretty much all those evils, by far!
Join me, won’t you?