Got Content? You can manage it.

You know what you’re looking for.  Do you know how to find it?  You need a CMS (Content Management System).  You want something that you can put things in and then easily find them later.  Got it.  It’s called: “the Finder.”

It was invented by a little startup that stole it from an experimental lab run by a big legacy company.  But, it’s not hard to find.  It comes preinstalled on every Mac (Apple computer).

You probably don’t think about the Finder much.  That’s the kind of CMS you want.  Because what you’re interested in is your Content, not the Management System.

The reason you don’t have to think about the Finder is because it’s intuitive.  That means it works like you would expect.  It’s a hierarchical file system. (no sorry, Apple, you can’t own that).  It’s really simple.  Things that go together, you put in a folder.  And folders that go together, you put in a higher level folder.  It’s called sorting.

Intuitive means you understand it without thinking about it.  Why do we understand the Finder so well?  Because it is based on a system that was developed over centuries, using paper.

It works with anything.  It’s application-independent.  You can put a movie and a spreadsheet and a text document in the same folder.

There are a lot of content management systems, but very few that manage content as well as the Finder.  It’s the standard.  Soon, I’ll compare another CMS with the Finder.

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