Going viral

These days, everybody who’s nobody wants to go viral. Going viral is one way a nobody can become a somebody. Then you can tell your name the livelong day to your admiring blog.

So, you want your viral moment. But then, you want another. You don’t want to be a one- hit wonder. And then, people will ask, How big is your blog?

How big is your blog? A thousand hits (not viral). A million hits? (yes, viral) A billion hits? (pandemic!)

So, if you want to go viral, I’ll tell you how I do it. Just email this blog to everyone in your address book. Also, post it on Facebook and tag all your friends. Check back next month to see if I’m viral. If yes, try this. If no, thanks for playing.

See, there’s a validation mechanism built into this con. Way better than a chain letter. How can you lose?

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