At last, the West awakens!

At  last, the West awakens!

The Russian tyrant has gone berserk—
Sends armies out to murder and destroy.
He rallies the forces of evil.

In old Ukraine, the democratic leader stands.
Free people in their bravery stand and fight.
They are heroes of the West.

Western nations rush to arm Ukraine
And to hobble the Russian tyrant—
But not to fight.

The Hearts of all people rise with Ukraine.
If Ukraine falls, the hearts of all will fall.
We need their bravery.

The West must see.  We can’t let bravery die.
We don’t have time for a Cold War.
We have a hot world to save.

Now is the showdown.
Deliver the ultimatum to the tyrant!
And if he defies, advance!

Let us mass in our might on the Russian line.
We say to the suffering Russian people,
We have no quarrel with you.

We have come for your tyrant.
Send him out.
Or stand aside.

Remember when then-President Trump embarrassed us in front of the Russian tyrant?